My curiousity about screen printing began in 1980 when I was working above a community print shop in Bath England.  I was facinated by the print makers who would disappear into a dark room with what appeared to be a blank screen, and would emerge 10 minutes later with a screen that had an image on it ready for us to print.  The print shop, run by this scary bloke called Nigel, and a woman called Sha'ron, did all the left wing printing for the political community in the area .   It was my happy place unless Nigel was in a bad mood. 

Fast forward 40 years, with a definite empty nest syndrome taking me down unwanted dark holes,  I decided to take a screen printing class round the corner  from where I live in Burlington Vermont.  I quickly fell in love with the process and started figuring out how to put my ideas onto paper.  Even though the pandemic shut down my access to the studio, I was able to rent studio space of my own at The Hive,  and starting experimenting.  I have yet to really call myself either an artist or a print maker.. but I am getting there... and loving every moment of it.